Rodent Repellers For Your Home

If you are seeing a garden mouse running around your house, it might be time to get solutions to prevent them from infesting your home. A mouse in your home will mean infections that can spread from them or their droppings. This is a common occurrence for homes that have gardens around them and are located by open drains or on the ground floor. Olden homes usually face more of rodent infestation problems than modern buildings.

Ultrasound devices
There are several solutions for catching or get rid of mice from your home. You could use the traps that are set with food particles to catch the mice and then throw them out. This is a common method of home pest control. However, in such a method the mice usually come back soon. For that reason, poison baits are often used. Though many poison types of bait make the mouse run outside and die out of dehydration, having the poison bait cakes spread across your home can lead to poisoning of your food and home environment. For such reasons, it is best that you opt for ultrasound devices that can help control mice infestation in your home.

How they work?
Ultrasonic repellers usually emit sounds at a frequency range that is either outside the range of human hearing or close to it but they can affects animals or insects. The ultrasound frequencies that are effective in rats or mouse will differ from what affects the ears of dogs and other animals. Many pre purchase pest inspections Gold Coast will be able to advise you or offer you such devices to use in your home regularly. There are similar devices to keep away mosquitoes as well. When the sound is on the right frequency, the rodents are unable to bear the sound for long. As a result, they will stay away from the premises where the sound comes and will repel them effectively.

How to use?
The ultrasound devices or applications come in different forms. Many such repellers are in the form of plug and play devices. You simply need to connect them to electrical sockets in order to get them working. Today, many applications offer similar functions and can be found as programs that are available for download through the internet. You could have such an application running on your phone and keep away mosquitoes and other insects or rodents from your living areas or where you are at the present time. Nowadays, more information on ultrasound devices and repellers can be found online. You could also purchase such devices online easily.