The Different Types Of Cooling Units

Be it a new house or a new building or an old house, an efficient cooling item is essential for the comfort of the family and the people living there. It is not an easy job to find a good cooling or heating system for a house. There is lot of factors which need to be determined before making a purchase or selecting it. An ideal option will vary from home to home and from person to person as the intent of the owner and the objectives of each person are different and so is the need. There are mainly three types of cooling units – Wall split, Evaporative and Ducted.

The Ducted Unit

Increasingly popular is a ducted air conditioning system as it distributes cool air throughout the house through ducts evenly with an outdoor compressor. It takes time installing such a unit and it is ideally done during the construction of the house. It is capable of producing both cool and hot air and therefore it is more useful than other systems.

The Wall Split System

The wall split is the most common ones and are mostly found in houses. When it comes to air conditioning repair of such a unit, it is easy and cheap. It comes with an outdoor compressor which helps in cooling the air and wall unit which stays inside the house. They are easy to install units and are quite economical. Since each unit comes with a separate remote control, it can be switched on and off according to the need. Therefore, it helps save energy and money. The downside would be that it can be seen inside the house as the wall unit is placed on the wall of each room. The latest models are best for energy savings as they come with high energy star ratings.

The Evaporative System

The evaporative systems are like coolers. They are not like the traditional cooling units and do not produce crisp cold air like them. They operate by taking in air and passing it through wet cooling pads and then give out cooled air. The cool air then gets distributed through ducts. The advantage of having such a unit is that one can leave the windows and door of the house open since it does not have that refrigerative unit but evaporative. It cools the air in the house efficiently though not like other units, but works well in summer. It is extremely healthy for people suffering with sinusitis, asthma and other respiratory problems as it uses the natural air to cool the house. Many houses with new born too choose such a cooling unit.