The Evolution Of Basketball

Basketball one of the world’s fastest team sports was found in the late 19th century by Canadian Doctor James Naismith. Although this was when the first basketball match was played a lot of people believe that it originated from a game played by the Mayans and Aztecs. The game involved putting a rubber ball through a hoop. In the modern game the losers get to go home. But in this ancient game it was said that the losing side was put to death. So it might not have been so fun to play that game as everyone would hate to lose.

The original rules were pretty basic of course. They consisted of rules such as the ball maybe thrown in any direction with your hands; you could only use your hands to touch the ball, no pushing or shoving allowed etc. originally they started with nine players on the court now this has been reduced to five. With time these rules have changed. For an example if a player commits five fouls he is out of the game, you only have twenty four seconds to handle the ball before you have to give it over to the other side. In the modern game they use a led scoreboard to keep track of 24 seconds.

Basketball is definitely an American sport. It has its origins there and it is also where it is most popular. Hence it has firmly entrenched itself there. The National Basketball League or NBA has quite the status in America. There is also a lot of money involved in the game just like American football. Players are signed up for enormous amounts of money. A lot of the players employed seem to be predominantly African Americans or generally Americans. But nowadays there are a lot more international players involved in the game who come just to play for the season. When the Olympics come around all these people go home to represent their countries. So the game is evolving and America doesn’t have a hold over the game anymore. This was clearly seen when Argentina won the gold medal for basketball that it has clearly become an international phenomena now.

Most basketball players are quite tall so all you see when once the led scoreboard lights to count down the twenty four seconds are big hulking guys pounding up and down the court. But this does not mean short guys have no place. Shorter players end up being the ball handler most of the time as they can move around faster among all these huge guys.

Basketball is even popular among women. It’s a sport that many kids around the world love to play. This was just a brief description about an amazing sport.